Structured Savings Certificates

The benefits of our 60-month Term Share Certificate with more flexibility.

Open Account Get Rates

First, you can make additional deposits throughout the term of the certificate.

Now, since you can increase the balance of your certificate, wouldn't it be nice to increase the rate too? You can! The Structured Savings Certificate provides the option to bump up your rate once during the term. So if rates go up, don't fret about your locked-in rate... bump it up!

For even more flexibility, you can make withdrawals from this certificate penalty-free if the funds are used toward the purchase of a home or college tuition.

Important information about the Structured Savings Certificate

  • Minimum $500 to open
  • 60-month term
  • Maximum contribution is $500,000
  • Your funds are insured up to $500,000
  • Early Withdrawal Penalty unless funds are used toward the purchase of a home or for college tuition (proof required to avoid penalty).
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