Saving at Members First is simple!

It's simple - we want to help you save. Therefore, we offer the products that we think will help you get where you want to go financially, and we make it easy to get there!

  • Setting aside money for unexpected home expenses? We recommend you use your Regular Share Account.
  • Saving for vacation? That's why we have a Vacation Club Account.
  • Owe the IRS? Our Tax Account is perfect to set aside money to send to our friends at the government.
  • Does Christmas come sooner than you expect every year? This year, be prepared with our Christmas Account!
  • Have you set up an account for your son or daughter yet? It only takes $1 to get your kids on the path to a great financial future with our Youth Accounts!
  • Looking for a tiered rate structure along with the convenience of check writing? One of our Money Market Accounts may be right for you.
  • Do you prefer to keep your money in a safe, long term investment? We offer Certificates with different monthly terms available.
  • Saving for Retirement? Try one of our Individual Retirement Accounts.
  • Do you need a way to save for Health Expenses outside your Health Insurance? Our Health Savings Account is the perfect, free account that can help you do just that!
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Shared Branching

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