MasterCard Debit Card

Your debit card comes with added protection.

Get the free mobile app that lets you actively manage your debit card by defining when, where and how your debit card is used. Learn more and download the app.

Fraud Filters and Identity Theft Alerts
Your debit card transactions are monitored in real time and are subject to specialized fraud filters. For additional protection, we encourage you to sign up for MasterCard's Identity Theft Alerts at no cost. Learn more.

Chip-Enabled Security
When used at a chip-enabled terminal at the point of sale or an ATM, a small computer chip embedded in the card adds a new layer of protection against unauthorized use and counterfeiting. Information programmed into the chip is personalized for your account and each transaction generates a unique code that can’t be used again.

If a merchant isn’t using a chip-enabled terminal, simply swipe your card just as you do today. Chip cards also have a magnetic strip on the back, allowing them to work in terminals that have not yet been upgraded to accept chip cards.

Watch this video, read these frequently asked questions or contact us to learn more.

Play It Safe

Play It Safe

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Go Mobile

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