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MasterCard Debit Card

Your debit card comes with added protection.

Get the mobile app that lets you actively manage your debit card by defining when, where and how your debit card is used. Learn more.

Fraud filters and identity theft alerts.

Your debit card transactions are monitored in real time and are subject to specialized fraud filters. For additional protection, we encourage you to sign up for MasterCard's Identity Theft Alerts at no cost. Learn more.

Chip-enabled security.

When used at a chip-enabled terminal at the point of sale or an ATM, a small computer chip embedded in the card adds a new layer of protection against unauthorized use and counterfeiting. Information programmed into the chip is personalized for your account and each transaction generates a unique code that can’t be used again.

As we transition to chip technology, members with existing cards will receive their new card in the mail a few weeks before it expires. In the meantime, rest assured that your current card is covered by our $0 liability fraud protection and will continue to be accepted virtually everywhere, just as it is today. But, if you would like to receive your chip card sooner or are planning to travel internationally, please give us a call. We can issue a new chip card at any time prior to the expiration date of your current card for a $10 fee. You may even visit any branch and receive your new card on the spot.

If a merchant has a chip-enabled terminal, paying is as easy as:

   1. Insert your card, face up with the chip end first
   2. Leave the card in the terminal during the entire transaction
   3. Follow the instructions on the screen and either sign your name or enter your PIN

Be sure to remove your card and take your receipt when the transaction is complete. That's all there is to it!

If a merchant isn’t using a chip-enabled terminal yet, simply ‘swipe’ your card just as you do today. Chip cards will continue to have the magnetic stripe on the back, allowing them to work in terminals that have not yet been upgraded to accept chip cards.

Making purchases online or by phone doesn’t change. Simply provide your card information as you have done in the past.

At an ATM insert your card into the terminal and follow the instructions on the screen. Depending on the type of ATM, you might be prompted to reinsert your card. Leave the card in the ATM until the transaction is complete and the card is released.

Still have questions? Watch this video, read these frequently asked questions or contact us for more information.

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Play It Safe

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