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07.30.15 Stagefright Vulnerability

You may be hearing about the Stagefright vulnerability in the news. Stagefright is vulnerable to a remote code execution bug, allowing hackers to potentially infiltrate devices and access private information by sending a SMS message with a video in it.

If you use an Android device as a security best practice, we recommend that you temporarily disable Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS). Disabling MMS will prevent media files from being sent to a device. Text messages and hyperlinks should continue normally. A description of the steps necessary for disabling MMS is available at:

If you have questions about availability of a patch for your specific device or disabling MMS, you should contact your carrier.

07.07.15 CO-OP Mobile Text Phishing Scam

It has been brought to our attention that there is a CO-OP Mobile text phishing scam that credit unions are experiencing. This fraudulent attempt to capture account information is done with an automated SMS/text message referring to themselves as CO-OP Mobile.

The text message requests members to enter their account information (including ATM PIN number). Members should avoid clicking links within the text messages and not respond to these messages that request account information.

CO-OP Mobile SMS/text Messages do NOT ask members for account information including ATM PIN numbers. Members that may have felt they have responded to this scam should change their password as well as their PIN immediately.

05.20.15 ATM Fraud

Be aware: ATM fraud is at the highest rate in two decades. Fraudsters are using cameras and skimming devices to capture cardholder information and PINs. Protect yourself by:


  • Looking carefully at ATMs for evidence of tampering
  • Avoiding non-bank ATMs off the beaten path (ie, back corner of a convenience store)
  • Covering the keypad when entering your PIN

Learn more by reading this Wall Street Journal article.

04.17.14 Heartbleed Bug Update

04.10.14 Heartbleed Bug

03.03.14 Important Information for Users of Apple Devices

01.22.14 Fraud Alert - Pop Up Credit Score / Complimentary Credit Check

12.20.13 Target Breach Update

07.30.13 Fraud Alert - July 30, 2013

07.26.13 Telephone Fraud Reminder

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