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Free Credit Score

Know your credit score.

Now, more than ever, it's important to keep an eye on your credit score. It has the potential to impact more than just the rate on your next loan and your ability to be approved for credit. Potential landlords and even employers may consider your rating when vetting applications.

With Credit Score* powered by SavvyMoney® you can check your credit score any time you login to mobile or online banking, and:

  • View your full credit report
  • Stay up-to-date on your credit without impacting your score
  • Monitor credit for unusual activity
  • Receive alerts for changes to your credit
  • Dispute items on your credit report
  • Learn how to improve your credit
  • Simulate how future actions may impact your score
  • Work toward financial goals like homeownership

Activate this free service by selecting Credit Score in online or mobile banking today. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Credit Score is a free service offered to Members First members that shows your latest credit score, gives you an understanding of the factors that impact your score, and shows you the latest offers that can help reduce your rate. Refresh your score as often as every day so you’ll always know where you stand with your credit.

No. Credit Score is entirely free to members via online or mobile banking.

No. Accessing Credit Score to check your rating creates a "soft inquiry" which does not affect your credit score. Conversely, when lenders check your score, they use a "hard inquiry" which does impact your score.

Your credit score is updated every 7 days and you can refresh your score as frequently as every day for an updated rating.

There are several ways to improve your credit score. But it’s much more important to focus on improving what’s in your credit report rather than obsessing over your credit score. Here is some general advice:

  • Pay your bills on time. How promptly you pay your bills has the strongest influence on your credit score.
  • Apply for credit only when you need it. Do not open too many accounts too frequently. And avoid opening multiple accounts within a short time span.
  • Keep your outstanding balances low. A good rule of thumb? Keep balances below 30 percent of the credit limit on each of your revolving accounts.
  • Reduce your total debt. It is not necessarily bad to owe some money. But it is not good to owe too much money. Consider paying down some of your outstanding loans.
  • Build up a credit history. Maintaining a timely payment history for a mix of accounts (e.g. credit cards, auto, mortgage) over a longer period can improve your score.

No. Members First uses its own lending criteria for making loan decisions.

We're offering this free service to help you manage your credit so when it comes time to borrow for a big-ticket purchase—like a home, car or college education—you'll have a bigger financial picture. You may also see offers on how you can save money on future and existing loans.

Yes. Credit Score will monitor and send email alerts when there has been a change to your credit profile.

Credit Score uses bank-level encryption and security measures to keep your data safe and secure. Your personal information is never shared with or sold to a third party.

Credit Score aims to provide the most relevant information from your credit report. If you think some of the information is inaccurate, you can obtain a free credit report from, and dispute inaccuracies with each bureau individually. Each bureau has its own process for correcting inaccurate information, however every Credit Score user can file a dispute with Transunion by clicking on the “Dispute” link within Credit Score. If an inaccuracy is verified, Transunion will then share this with the other bureaus.

*The credit score provided is intended to help you understand the factors that affect your credit score, and ways you may be able to save money with Members First loan products. It is generally not used for loan approval purposes or for determining loan rates. Loan rates and approvals are based on information provided to the credit union when you apply for a loan. The credit score found in the credit report may be different than the credit score you see here. The offers presented here are not offers to lend; normal underwriting criteria apply. Terms and conditions and offers are subject to change at any time.