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Direct Deposit

A necessary convenience.

If your employer offers this service, you can have your paycheck deposited automatically without making a trip to the credit union. It's a must for time savings and convenience.

And, when you have direct deposit with us and your check arrives early, you can access it early. With our First Pay* service, if your check is remitted electronically before payday—which is common practice for some companies and government agencies—we make it available to you up to two business days in advance.

To get started with direct deposit and First Pay, complete this Payroll Direct Deposit Agreement and bring it to your employer.

To sign up for direct deposit of a government-issued check, such as Social Security, please visit

Why Direct Deposit at Members First?

  • Get paid before your co-workers
  • Eliminate trips to a branch
  • Start a regular savings plan
  • Ensure funds are available for automatic bill paying
  • Access your money faster
  • More environmentally friendly than generating paychecks
  • Better protection from theft of physical checks
  • Easy to setup

*To qualify for First Pay you must have direct deposit into your Members First Credit Union checking account and be a member in good standing. First Pay offers immediate credit of your direct deposit to your Members First account up to two (2) days early based upon when we receive your payroll from your employer or payroll company. As the deposit is based upon when we receive the funds, Members First cannot assume any liability for not depositing these funds to your account early. This offer is subject to change without notice.