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The answer to reaching your goals is in the planning.

A budget is arguably the backbone for any actionable personal financial plan to help you achieve long-term financial success, regardless of where you fall on the economic spectrum. In essence, a budget plan is a blueprint of your financial life. It tracks how money is being spent on an ongoing basis - from recurring payments to everyday purchases. A thorough budget makes it easier to prepare for big ticket items, and helps avoid running into trouble if an unexpected expense occurs.

While it’s no secret that financial wellness is closely linked to having a budgeting plan, let’s face it, traditional methods of budgeting - like tracking expenses on a spreadsheet - take too much time and effort. With so much going on in life, who wants yet another to-do list, even if it could ultimately prove beneficial.

Fortunately, we can help you build better financial habits without having to complicate your life. With Money Management in Online Banking, you can effortlessly create better financial habits. This free service helps you set goals and automatically categorizes every transaction to help you stay on track.