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Buying a New Home

If you’re considering a move, we can help you along your home buying journey.

At Members First, we’re here to help you navigate the home buying landscape and make decisions that work for your unique situation. If you’re considering a move, these suggestions are provided to give you a starting point. We’re here to help pull it all together.

Do Your Homework

Not only will you find real estate listings on, but their home tracker helps you estimate your home’s value and see how it compares to other listings nearby. Use it to view market trends in your town like median listing price and number of days on the market. Calculate the proceeds of a sale after commission, costs for repairs or improvements, and your current mortgage payoff are deducted. You’ll even find remodeling tips especially for movers, along with plenty of design inspiration for every room in the home.

Find the Right Financing

Having a conversation with an experienced mortgage representative is often the best place to start when exploring mortgage programs. Members First offers many options in home financing from fixed and adjustable rate mortgages to no closing costs, no down payment and flexible term programs. With the advice of our professional loan originators, we can help find the right fit for you as an experienced home buyer.

If you’re rate shopping, keep in mind that mortgage rates can change daily, so check back often for the latest.

Calculate Payments

Estimate your monthly payment or loan amount with our enhanced loan calculator. After entering your information, see how different loan terms and interest rates can impact your payment.

Check Your Budget

Although a lender has qualified you for home financing, you may wish to keep up with spending on travel or entertainment, or have plans to start a family and reduce your work hours. Our home budget analysis can help you calculate your net income and all your expenses, including your projected mortgage payment. This will help you determine whether you will need - or are willing - to sacrifice or alter any spending or future plans.

Get Approved

Many sellers won’t consider an offer unless they’re assured the buyer can get financing. Getting pre-approved before you dive into listings puts sellers at ease and gives you the freedom and confidence to get the best home for your budget.

Whether you’re new or experienced with home buying, this is an exciting time in your life’s journey! We want to make sure the process is an enjoyable one for you. If you have any questions along the way, don’t hesitate to contact us.