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Youth Accounts

Teaching Kids How to Save (and Spend) Wisely

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Our Youth Accounts are just what you need to teach your child the importance of saving and, eventually, spending wisely. All it takes is an initial deposit of $1 to start your child on a path toward responsible, lifelong financial habits.

Centsables Savings

Savings designed just for kids 12 and younger! The Centsables are bank employees by day who transform themselves into superheroes by choice to fight financial-related crime. 

The Centsables Savings account is a fun way to help kids become financially literate at an early age. 

Why a Centsables Savings Account at Members First?

  • Welcome Kit. Every child will receive a Centsables portfolio filled with activity pages, coin wrappers, poster and more.
  • Stickers. To encourage regular saving habits, kids have their choice of Centsables superhero sticker with every deposit.
  • Birthday Gift. Children receive a free gift during their birthday month when they redeem their birthday postcard at any branch.
  • Interactive Website. With your permission, your kids will have access to a fun and educational website filled with games, activities, glossary of financial terms and more.

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With just $1 and a parent or guardian on a Centsables Savings account, you can start your child on a path toward responsible, lifelong financial habits at an early age.

Teen Savings

With our Teen Savings and a parent or guardian on the account, teens age 13 through 17 are eligible to open a checking account. They will also enjoy the convenience of banking from their mobile device.

Why a Teen Savings Account at Members First?

  • $1 to open and start earning dividends
  • Free checking eligibility at age 13
  • No monthly service fee
  • Free Online Banking
  • Free Mobile Banking
  • Free eStatements

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All it takes is $1 for your teen to begin learning responsible saving and spending habits today.