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Spotlight on Manchester Animal Shelter

We chose Manchester Animal Shelter as our first Spotlight Nonprofit because of their tireless work caring for animals in our community. August 19 is International Homeless Animals Day, so this month is a perfect time to support the Shelter and the work they do caring for and finding homes for animals.

The mission of Manchester Animal Shelter is informed by their belief that all animals deserved life, respect, and care. With a goal of zero-population growth, they offer spay/neuter programs and services that range from education and medical care to fostering and adoption. In the two decades it has been open, the Shelter has found loving homes for over 25,000 animals.

MAS takes in and provides shelter and medical care for homeless, abused, and abandoned animals in the city of Manchester without turning any away. The Shelter is supported by Friends of the Manchester Animal Shelter, a non-profit organization that started in 1996.

Throughout the month, we highlighted ways for the community to get involved by adoption and by donations. We also visited Manchester Animal Shelter to drop off supplies, as you can see in this [lightly photoshopped] photo.

Thank you to Manchester Animal Shelter for all you do to give animals a better tomorrow!

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