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Spotlight on BRING IT!

BRING IT! is an out of school program serving a diverse population of 4th through 12th graders in the Manchester area, offering engagement, empowerment, and opportunities to students whose families come from many different countries and speak many different languages at home.

Their vision begins with the statement “Every student deserves a chance to succeed.” Their mission then continues “We fight the good fight so that every child has access to success. We inspire kids to believe in themselves, achieve their goals, and do good.

Today’s students, tomorrow’s leaders!

Empowering, equipping and exposing students to resources they would otherwise miss. We help close the opportunity gap students face by helping them take ownership, turn motivation to action and bring goals to reality.”

In support of their mission, BRING IT! offers programming in several areas:

Academics With qualified college student volunteers and experienced core teachers, BRING IT! is able to provide academic support, tutoring, and academic coaching to students with a range of learning challenges.

Career Exploration BRING IT! is committed to helping diversify the workforce in health care. They are a part of the New Hampshire Nursing Workforce Diversity Pipeline Program. They have also partnered with Southern NH Area Health Education Center in creating Health Career Quest, a year-long program for high-school students wanting to pursue work in health care fields.

Dance Free dance classes embrace music and dance from many diverse cultures, teaching several hip-hop styles and inviting students to share their own music and dance in the program.

Fitness Their recently transformed fitness center is integral to their fitness program, which provides training in health and wellness as well as overall fitness. This program has benefited students from beginner fitness levels through student athletes.

Soccer Indoor soccer is one of BRING IT!’s most popular programs. Both competitive and family-friendly, soccer is available to students of all skill levels. The program focuses on foundational skills and teamwork with younger students and many high schoolers in the program rank amongst the state’s top players.

Summer Program In 2023 BRING IT! offered an 8-week day camp style summer program, which was an enormous success.

We look forward to sharing more about BRING IT! throughout November!

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